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Since plasma’s discovery in 1879, to the first plasma cutter being created from a WW2 plasma welder in the 1950s, modifications have been multiplying to create faster, more powerful, and more efficient machines.

One of those brilliant adaptations is the built-in air compressor. This sounds easy enough, but creating it while maintaining the size, quality, and price is what’s revolutionary about it.


Plasma cutters are becoming an increasingly common tool in many industries such as metal fabrication, construction and automotive repair. This tool is able to cut through several types of metal including steel, copper, brass and aluminium by generating an extremely high-temperature, electrical channel of ionised gas otherwise known as plasma.

To create the 4th matter – the plasma – the cutter sends an electric arc through a gas, (either oxygen, nitrogen or argon) which rapidly increases the heat levels to the point where it goes beyond a solid, liquid or gas and becomes plasma. The machine will then use the plasma to transfer the energy to any conductive metal, allowing it to cut through with very little or no resistance. This method results in a clean, fast cutting process.

Cut electrically conductive materials safely with a plasma cutter. A plasma cutter works by sending a pressurized gas into an electrode channel to create plasma. When this happens, plasma is able to melt metal and other materials with minimal risk. If you run an auto care, construction or locksmithing company, you'll find a plasma cutter to be very helpful. 

Plasma cutters come in a variety of amperages. The higher the amperage, the higher the power output needed to run. A 160-amp cutter needs high power to work properly. On the other hand, portable plasma cutters have amperages as low as 20. If you're looking to run a cutter from an inverter or generator, you'll be able to use a low-amp cutter for much longer before you run out of power. 

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