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ARC 350

An arc welding machine, also known as a stick welder, is a type of welding equipment that uses an electric arc to generate heat and melt the metal being welded. The arc is created between a consumable electrode, which is coated in a flux material that helps to protect the weld from oxidation, and the workpiece. The electrode is held in a holder and is manually moved along the joint to be welded, creating the weld bead. Arc welding is a versatile method that can be used to weld a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and repair work.

MMA 350 Welding Machine Features:

Arc start and Arc force adjustable;

VRD to ensure operation safety;

Internal Anti-stick to ensure stable welding;

Special dustproof structure ;

Cellulose electrode applicable.

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ParametersARC 350
Rated Input Voltage(V)AC380V
Power Frequency(Hz)50/60Hz
Rated Input Current(A)32
Rated Input Power(KVA)12.6
Rated No-load Voltage(V)77
Welding current(A)30-350
Rated Duty Cyvle%(40)50%
Protection ClassIP21

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