What is AIR Plasma Cutting Machines?

AIR Plasma Cutting Machines are equipment used for plasma cutting, a process that utilizes a high-velocity jet of ionized gas to cut through electrically conductive materials.


Plasma Arc: Generates a high-temperature plasma arc by passing an electrical current through a gas, typically compressed air or a combination of gases.

Cutting Torch: Includes a handheld torch with a nozzle through which the plasma arc is directed onto the workpiece.

Power Source: Utilizes an electrical power source to generate the plasma arc, typically using direct current (DC).

Gas Supply: Requires a source of compressed air or other gases (such as nitrogen or oxygen) to create and maintain the plasma arc.

Control System: Features controls for adjusting cutting parameters such as arc current, gas flow rate, and cutting speed.

Cooling System: Some models may include a cooling system to prevent overheating of the torch and consumable parts.


High Cutting Speed: Capable of cutting through thick materials quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for high-production environments.

Versatility: Can cut a wide range of electrically conductive materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Precision Cutting: Offers excellent cutting precision and edge quality, with minimal kerf width and heat-affected zone.

Minimal Heat Affected Zone (HAZ): Produces narrow heat-affected zones, reducing the risk of warping and distortion in the workpiece.

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