Mig-Mag Welding Machine

In the MIG MAG process, a shielding gas can be used, with the help of which very fine welds can be formed. Shielding gas surrounds the seams and used filler lines and prevents oxidation, resulting in a very clean and qualitative result. Arc can be generated for a long time without changing the electrode rod. Alternatively, a special NO GAS line can be used, with which no shielding gas is required. In our shop you can get high quality MIG MAG welding machines and combination equipment. Integrated MIG MAG and an optional TIG function in the station wagon welder.    

As a welder manufacturer, we can ensure the best quality MIG MAG welding equipment. High-quality workmanship allows use in a variety of situations and gives MIG MAG a long service life for welding equipment. MIG Welders also stand out by high reliability and are often used in professional fields, as the welding results leave nothing to be desired. Useful functions make the job easier and can be easily activated for MIG MAG welding in one pass.    

MIG MAG welding technology is very popular because the welding work is so extreme that it runs fast. Most people don't work in vain with shielding gas welding machines that can process a wide variety of metals. Annoying electrode changes are also eliminated, so MIG MAG welding is inherently productive.    

For MIG MAG welding, the wire or filler wire is used for the filler wire The welder automatically tracks and melts. Wire feeding is the same as wrapping the weld in shielding gas. Substances added in the MIG MAG process protect the seams and contribute to high stability and strong connection between components. Depending on the steel and alloy, different welding machines should be used. Shielding gas can be used.  With the Mig-Mag Welding Machine you can work with thin and thick plates, and join and machine workpieces. You can get the job done by hand and by machine. This is why MIG MAG inverters are widely used in industry, mainly in the automotive industry, or very useful in the construction of vessels or pipes.

A MIG/MAG welding machine is welding equipment that can be used for both MIG and MAG welding. It consists of a power source, a wire feeder, and a welding gun or torch. The power source generates the electrical current needed for welding, and the wire feeder feeds the wire electrode into the welding gun or torch. The welding gun or torch is used to direct the arc to the workpiece, while the shielding gas is released to protect the weld from contamination.

MIG/MAG welding machines are widely used in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries, as they are versatile, easy to use, and can weld a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

mig mag welding equipment

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