What is DC welding machine?

Direct current is an electric current that has a constant polarity flow in a single direction. This current can be positive or negative. With DC welding, since the magnetic field and current of the arc are constant, stable arcs are produced.

The DC Welding Machine is manufactured by generating heat through electricity to melt the metal in the welding area. The resolidification of the metal to be welded results in the welding of the surface. Inverter arc welder price depends on inverter technology. The machine has very stable characteristics and produces an arc that produces enough molten metal for strong welds. The raw materials used in the manufacture are of high quality, and the primary arc welding machine is completed during the manufacturing process, and after the machine is commissioned, it undergoes a series of quality inspections before being delivered to the customer. We can meet customer needs.

Which is better for welding AC or DC?

advantages and disadvantage of DC

The advantages of DC welding are:

A smoother welding output than with AC

A more stable arc

Less spatter

DC negative offers faster deposition rates when welding thin sheet metals

DC positive provides greater penetration into the weld metal

The disadvantages of DC welding are:

DC welding is unable to fix arc blow problems

Equipment is more expensive as DC currents require an internal transformer to switch the current

advantages and disadvantage of AC 

The advantages of AC welding are:

The alternating current between positive polarity and negative polarity allows for a steadier arc for welding magnetic parts

Fixes problems with arc blow

Enables effective aluminium welding

AC welding machines are cheaper than DC equipment


The disadvantages of AC welding are:

More spatter

Weld quality is not as smooth as with DC welding

Less reliable and therefore more difficult to handle than DC welding

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