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a Chinese Leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer


a Chinese Leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer  a Chinese Leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer  a Chinese Leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

Sichuan JINGLEI science and Technology Co., Ltd. (JL) with a annual output of 90 thousand tons of metal composite material, which produces more than 30 thousand tons of pressure vessels ,metal composite pipes and fittings, head, three dimensional ribbed pipe, bellows and efficient energy saving heat exchangers annually. The welding of pressure vessel has very high standard requirements for the equal strength, hydrogen resistance, antioxidation, tissue stability, brittle fracture resistance and physical uniformity of the joint. The vessel welding is very strict with the welding personnel, and the selection of the welding equipment is also extremely professional. The production, manufacture, and site installation of pressure vessel and salt mine exhaust system are made by Sichuan JINGLEI. The Guangzhou FONDOF NB500IGBT and ZX7-400IGBT welding machine are selected as welding application equipment. The two kinds of machines are applied to stainless steel, composite plate welding and carbon steel welding respectively. The performance of the welding machine is excellent and the welding shape is beautiful and uniform, the quality of the weld seam passed the pressure test easily.

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