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EACO Electric Equipments Manufacture Guangzhou EACO Electric Equipments Manufacture Co., Ltd. a full-service manufacturer that has been designing, manufacturing, and providing quality Chinese welding machines, especially inverter welding machine, and relevant equipment since 1987. After 26 years of development, it's now one of leading manufacturers in fields of inverter welding machines, and enjoys an annual growth, over 20%, in production and sales. Now it has its own industrial park and independent R&D building. Its main products, like inverter welding machines, are widely applied to various welding projects and fields, such as automobile, ship-building, aviation, electronics, hardware, machinery, etc.
As a specialized welding machine company, Guangzhou EACO Electric Equipments Manufacture Co., Ltd. supplies a full...

Quality Control


Inverter Welder

As you may know that PCB is the most important part for inverter welder. For better quality control, we also upgrade our PCB assembling line with SMT system, much higher efficiency with lowest error...




For raw material setup strict IQC testing standard, For raw material setup strict IQC testing standard,For raw material setup strict IQC testing standard...
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