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Nanjing Olympic Sports Center


Nanjing Olympic Sports Center  Nanjing Olympic Sports Center  Nanjing Olympic Sports Center

The Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, the main meeting site of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, contracted by the eighth bureau (Group) of Chinese architecture Co., Ltd., its total amount of engineering steel structure is about 20 thousand tons, mainly carbon steel. The roof steel structure of home hall should be welded and installed in the way of vertical welding and flat welding. This project requires fast welding speed, beautiful appearance of welds seams and joints, and welding quality requirements to meet international sports venues construction standards. The construction unit adopted the Guangzhou FONDOF NB500IGBT welding machine made by Guangzhou EACO electrical equipment Co., Ltd., which enjoys the characteristics of high welding efficiency, good welding seam and low failure rate. It provides important equipment technical support for the new landmark of Nanjing-Nanjing Olympic body center.

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