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Alpha ARC 250


 IGBT inverter ;

Digital control  ,

Arc start and Arc force adjustable;

VRD to ensure operation safety;

Internal Anti-stick to ensure stable welding;

Cellulose electrode applicable.

MMA welding machine Feature:

1. Stable energy saving and heat dissipation: No problem welding all day long, energy-saving design, suitable for welding various ferrous metals such as carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

2 Intuitive Control Knobs for Convenience: Portable yet powerful, it's not just a welding machine, it's a work of art.

3 Suitable for welding stainless steel, low carbon steel and other metal materials. The arc welding machine is easy to use, even for beginners.

4 Overheat protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection, and the welding voltage can be continuously adjusted to accurately match the welding current.

5 convenient output quick connects make it fast, safe and easy. Switching frequency is out of the audio range, virtually eliminating noise pollution

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Pure Copper Cable

Cable Length Customizable

Remote control (cable length up to 50m)

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Technical ParametersAlpha ARC 250
Rated Input Voltage (V)1PH220±15%
Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated Input Current(A)55
Rated Input Power(KVA)12
No-load Voltage(V)60
Welding Current(A)20-250
Rated Duty Cycle%(40℃)30
Protection GradeIP23S
Net Weight(kg)12.5


Dual Voltage 220/380V With Auto Select

Compact Size, Lightweight And Modern Design

Easy Arc Starting, Arc Force, Minimal Spatter

Auto-Compensation For Voltage Fluctuation

Wide voltage input, 1PH, 180-410V, exclusive design for unstable power supply countries

Dual Voltage Auto Options: 1PH, 220/230/380/410V means that we can use it both at home and at factories

IGBT Technology, the core adopts advanced IGBT inverter device. 

Remote Control (optional), enables us to weld just about anywhere

Intelligent Protection, over loading or over heating

Arc Force Adjustable, ensures easy arc striking

VRD: fostering safe welding and longer machine life

Stable & Reliable performance, makes welding enjoyable

Digital Meter,  to preset and display welding current

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