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Alpha DC TIG 630

1. IGBT inverter technology, real digital control, more efficient, precise control, and energy saving;
2. 3 modes in 1: DC TIG + DC Pulse TIG + MMA;
3. Many functions to ensure high quality weld effect:
In DC TIG / DC Pulse TIG welding mode:
a) Remote control
b) High frequency start
c) Lift TIG
d) Gas check
e) Torch operation modes selective: 2T, Slope 2T, 4T, repeat 4T
f) Pulse TIG
In MMA welding mode:
a) Remote control
b) Anti-stick
c) VRD
d) ARC force
4. Whole welding process realize parameter adjustable;
In DC TIG / DC Pulse TIG welding modes:
gas pre-flow time, ignition current, current up-slop time, welding current, peak current, base current, current down-slop time, finish current, gas-post flow time, pulse width, pulse frequency
In MMA welding mode:
Ignition current, Ignition time, welding current, ARC force current, anti-stick current.
5. Pulse TTG welding;
6. Store and read function: store or read whole set parameters. Convenient for more than 2 operators use the same welding machine in turn, and good for save excellent whole set parameters;
7. Built-in water cooling system.

Technical   ParametersAlpha DC TIG   630
Rated Input Voltage(V)3PH380±15%
Input Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated Input Current(A)51
Rated Input Power(kVA)34
No-load Voltage(V)82
Pulse Frequency(Hz)0.2-500
Welding Current(A)20~630
Rated Duty Cycle%(40℃)80
Welding Thickness(mm)0.3-18
Protection ClassIP23S

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