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IGBT Inverter Series ADVAN AC\DC TIG 200D.P


1. Adopt PWM control technology, provided with constant output current.

2. IGBT inverter with high efficiency; good functional performance of adjustment, multi-functions machine, convenient for use.

3. Excellent high frequency arc ignition, up to nearly 100% success rate, improve work efficiency.

4. Arc keeps stable when current is small, superb for welding thin plate.

5. With pulse welding function; wide adjust range of pulse frequency.

6. Adjustable Clean width and Clean scope to meet high technical requirements.

7. Wide usage range,could weld almost all non-ferrous metal, specical design for welding Aluminum.

8. Multifunction welding: AC TIG,AC pulse TIG,DC TIG,DC pulse TIG, MMA and Auto welding(easy operate at Auto welding ,only adjust welding current , preset other parameter at internal).

9. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%.).

Technical ParametersADVAN AC\DC TIG 200D.P
Rated Input Voltage (V)1PH220V±15%
Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated Input Current(A)43
Rated Input Power(KVA)9.5
External Fuse(A)60
No-load Voltage(V)63
Pulse Frequency(Hz)0.2-500(DC),0.2-150(AC)
Pulse and Empty Ration (%)1-99
AC Frequency(Hz)20-150
AC Cleaning Width(%)-40~+40
AC Cleaning Range(%)-20~+20
Welding Current(A)10-200
Current Up Slope Time(S)0-15
Current Down Slope Time(S)0-15
Gas Pre-flow Time(S)0-3
Gas Post-flow(S)0-99.9
Rated Duty Cycle(%)(40℃)35
Efficiency(Rated Conditions)≧0.85
Insulation GradeF
Protection classIP21S
Net Weight(Kg)28

Can I use an AC welder for Aluminum?

Yes, you must clean and preheat aluminum before using an arc welder to weld aluminum. Because arc welding with high currents can distort or burn through aluminum, you must set the current to a lower setting. Unlike carbon steel, aluminum does not change color until it reaches its melting point.

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