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In the welding industry, how to do if you do not understand these nouns?

1. Welding

Two or more than two kinds of materials (homologous or heterologous) to achieve the permanent connection between atoms by heating or pressing or using the two is called welding.

2. Arc

Supplied by the welding power , a strong and persistent gas producing discharge between the poles is called arc.

3 . base metal

The welded metal - called the parent material.

4. Droplet

The liquid metal droplets, which are called droplets, are melted at the end of the welding wire and are transferred to the molten pool.

5. Molten pool

A liquid metal part, called a molten pool, formed on the weldment, with a certain geometric shape.

6. Welding seam

A binding part formed in a welded joint.

7. Weld metal

The part of the metal formed by the solidification of molten metal and filled metal (welding wire, electrode, etc.).

8. Protection of gas

In welding, a protective gas is used to protect metal droplets and to protect molten pool from harmful gases (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen).

9, CO2 welding

The melting pole gas shielded welding with purity > 99.98% of CO2 as protective gas is called CO2 welding.

10, MAG welding

75--95% Ar + (25--5%) CO2 [standard ratio: 80%Ar + 20%CO2] for gas shielded gas shielded arc welding - called MAG welding.

      MIG welding

melting high purity argon Ar = 99.99% as protective gas electrode gas shielded welding aluminum and Aluminum Alloy, copper and copper alloy and other non-ferrous metals

The process of welding solid stainless steel welding wire with 98% Ar + 2%O2 or 95%Ar + 5%CO2 as protective gas to protect the solid stainless steel welding wire is called MIG welding.

" welding with helium + argon inert mixture to protect the melting pole gas.

TIG (tungsten inert gas welding) welding

Using pure tungsten or activated tungsten (thorium tungsten, cerium tungsten, zirconium tungsten, lanthanum tungsten) as inert gas shielded arc welding, for short, TIG welding.

SMAW welding arc welding

A method of welding electric arc by manual manipulation of electrode.

carbon arc air gouging

The use of carbon as electrode, arc and workpiece, using compressed air (pressure 0.5 0.7Mpa) method for surface processing of molten metal blowing. It is commonly used to clear the root of the weld, the slope of the planing, the repair defect and so on.

Welding materials

Welding materials include electrode, wire, flux, gas, electrode, liner and so on.

wire for welding

Welding wire, which is used as a filler metal and used to conduct electrical conduction, is called welding wire. There are two kinds of solid wire and flux cored wire. Common type of solid wire: ER50-6 (Brand: H08Mn2SiA).

Flux cored wire

A welding wire made of a thin steel strip rolled into a circular steel tube and filled with a certain component of the powder.

Acid electrode

The electrode of the skin containing a large amount of acid oxides, such as junction 422 (E4303), junction 502 (E5003) and other alternating and direct electric welding strips.

Alkaline electrode

A electrode containing a number of basic oxides and fluorides, such as junction 507 (E5015) and junction 506 (E5016), is contained in the skin of the drug.

Welding power supply

In electric welding machines, the electrical energy required for welding and the equipment suitable for welding electrical characteristics are called welding power.

Arc stiffness

Under the effect of heat contraction and magnetic contraction, the arc is straight along the electrode.

Magnetic bias

In DC arc welding, the arc caused by the effect of electromagnetic force in the welding circuit is biased. The influence of the magnetic bias can be weakened by changing the position of the grounding wire or reducing the welding current and changing the angle of the electrode.

Positive connection method

DC electric arc welding, welding welder with positive output, torch (holder) cathode is connected with the output end of the wiring method, called "connect law" also known as positive.

inverse method

DC electric arc welding, welding welder with negative output, torch (holder) connection is connected with the output end of the cathode, called "reverse method" is also known as reverse polarity. The alkaline electrode (507), carbon arc gas planer and CO2 welding are all used in reverse connection.

lag time of stopping gas

The welding arc is extinguished, the protective gas delay of 0.3 - 5 seconds to stop the aspirated time; TIG welding of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and other metal gas stop delay longer than 3 - 5 seconds.

Arc spot welding

Answer: The thin plate lap joint is welded by TIG/MIG/MAG/CO2 welding method. With a certain welding current, the surface nugget is formed and the welding method is connected to the upper and lower two plates.


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