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IGBT   full bridge inverter ;

Single   phase input voltage, widely used;
Instant   arc ingition speed , Less spatter ;
User   friendly panel ,Easy to operate ; 
High   welding quality :good seam and slight distortion ; 

How does MIG welding work?

MIG welding (metal inert gas welding) is one of several welding processes that use electricity to melt and join metal sheets. MIG welding uses a lot of electricity to create an arc between the electrode wire and the metal being welded. The arc melts the welding wire and then deposits it to form a weld. When the heat disappears, the molten pool cools, solidifies and forms a new piece of molten metal-welding is complete. All of this happens on the nozzle of the MIG welding gun, which is a handheld device that, unlike the fuel filling nozzle, can simultaneously deliver the electrode wire and inert shielding gas to the weld. We have MIG function Welding Machines on sale, contact us.

Technical   ParametersMIG250INT 
Rated Input Voltage (V)AC220V
Power Frequency(Hz)50/60Hz
Rated Input CurrentA46(MIG)                    38(MMA)
Rated Input Power(KVA)10.1(MIG)                    8.3(MMA)
No-load Voltage(V)54
Rated Duty Cycle %(40)60(MIG)                    100(MMA)
Output Current RangeA20200MMA)      40250(MIG)
Output Voltage RangeV16-26.5
Wire DiametermmФ0.8/Ф1.0
Wire Typesolid   /flux-cored
Welding MethodManual 
Insulation GradeF
Protection ClassIP21
Net Weight(Kg)17.5

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