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New Industry Design Series Alpha TIG 250P


1.Full digital PID operation adjustment, PWM control technology

2.100% success rate of arc ignition, fast arc ignition speed, 

3.stable welding current

4.Wide pulse frequency adjustment range

5.With 2T, slope 2T, 4T, repeat 4T, spot welding functions

6.Professional MMA welding mode, arc start current and arc force adjustable to meet different technique requirement,All electrode and position applicable

7.VRD function to ensure operation safety, multiple self protections to ensure machine safety

8.Applicable in welding Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and other Nonferrous Metal

9.Widely used in hardware processing, construction, kitchenware manufacturing and other industries

ParametersAlpha TIG250P
Rated Input   Voltage(V)1PH220~240  
Power   Frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated Input   Current(A)49~44
Rated Input   Power(KVA)10.8~10.6
Rated No-load   Voltage(V)60~66
Rated Duty   Cyvle%(40℃)TIG:35%            MMA:30%
Gas Pre-flow   Time(S)0~2
Initial   Current(A)10~250 
Current   Up-slope Time(S)0~15
Welding   Current(A)TIG:10~250     MMA:15~250
Peak   Current(A)10~250 
Base   Current(A)10~250 
Pulse Width(%)1~99
Pulse   Frequency(Hz)0.2~500
Current   Down-slope Time(S)0~15
Crater   Current(A)10~250 
Gas Post-flow   Time(S)0~20
Arc Start   Current(A)0~250
Arc Force (A)0~250
Efficiency(rated   conditions)≥85%
Insulation   GradeF
Protection   ClassIP23S

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