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IGBT Module Inverter Series MAX TIG 400D.P2


1. Global input power 3PH-200V~440V;

2. Ideal for generator power supply ,widely operating environment ,field work;

3. Adopt chopper control circuit , provided with constant output current between 200V~440V;

4. Excellent high frequency arc ignition, up to nearly 100% success rate, improve work efficiency;

5. Arc keeps stable when current is small, superb for welding thin plate;

6. With pulse welding function; wide adjust range of pulse frequency;

7. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%);

8. Optional with water cooling box or tool box

ParametersAC/DC TIG 200
Rated input voltage (V)1-phase 220V±15%
Input power frequency (Hz)50/60
Rated input current (A)43
Rated input power (kVA)9.4
External fuse (A)60
No-load voltage (V)63
Pulse frequency (Hz)0.2-500 (DC), 0.2-20 (AC)
Pulse and empty ratio (%)1-99
AC frequency (Hz)20-150
AC clean width (%)-40-+40
AC clean scope (%)-20-+20
Welding current (A)10-200
Current up-slop/down-slop time (S)0-15/0-15
Gas pre-flow/post-flow time (s)0-99.9 / 0-99.9
Rated duty cycle (%)35
Insulation gradeF
Protection classIP23S
Dimensions (mm)550*260*500
Weight (kg)29

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